4 Things a Portsmouth Wedding Photographer Shouldn’t Do

Portsmouth wedding photographerSo, you have been shooting pictures as a Portsmouth wedding photographer and you’re starting to get the hang of it. Surely, you get one or two unexpected things on your first and second job as a wedding photographer. But you feel pretty solid right now, judging by how most clients haven’t been complaining about you.

Or they just didn’t care to mention those things to you.

1. Don’t come like a casual shopper

You are not there to shop or enjoy a cup of coffee in a café. You are there to blend in with the guests of the wedding party and to do that, you have to appear like one of the guests. In short, take it as if you are also a guest at your clients’ wedding party. And what do you wear when you attend important occasions like this? You wear formal.

Don’t wear that shorts you feel free to move around in or sandals that don’t hurt your legs. Don’t distract guests with your casual appearance. It’s part of the job to find outfits that you will be comfortable in but also appropriate for the event.

2. Don’t copy and paste

There are many definitions of copy and paste here. The first one refers to how you use the exact same pose and idea from your last 10 clients on the current one. Well, the place can be different and surely, it will look different because of that. But hey, for a professional Portsmouth wedding photographer, that is a very lame excuse.

On the other hand, it can also mean copying the style of other photographers like jameswhitephotos.com. And when we say copy, we mean using the same pose or concept from other photographers and claiming it as yours. The problem with this is that different models in different locations won’t make it viable for suing, but we all know who’s better at that point.

3. Be a proper photographer

We know the struggle to become a professional photographer. You have to resort to any kind of methods to get a great shot and there are enough memes and BTS of these sessions for people to understand. But that is a different issue when you do that during a ceremony or reception.

Okay, it takes quite the bravery and boldness to just walk in front of everyone and take the shot. You might block someone’s view for a few seconds, but that doesn’t matter as long as your client gets the pictures they need. But it gets weird when you start crouching, laying too low and pose in a… unconventional way to take the shot.

Just, don’t.

4. Don’t try to take control

A wedding party is a happy event where everyone celebrates together with the couple. There are shows, performances, food, and drinks. But then, you haven’t got that scene that you want so bad, so you went on to tell what everybody should do for the photo.

To a certain level, this is acceptable, depending on what the clients asked the Portsmouth wedding photographer. But if you end up controlling the guests with where to look and what to do, that will make the day very uncomfortable.

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What You Can Do for Your Wedding Photographers Portsmouth

wedding photographers PortsmouthWhat can one do to assure that his wedding photographers Portsmouth can do their job as smoothly as possible? It’s true that we hired these professionals because we’re sure they can do their job well with minimum supervision since, during our wedding day, we’ll barely have time to pay attention to behind the screen. We’ll be busy greeting the guests and enjoying the party.

But before the party, there are things you can do with your wedding photographer so that all the events in that party can be captured well.

Involve them in the wedding preparations

Your photographer is responsible to take a lot of pictures on the party. That means he’s also seen a lot of decorations fail and you might want to avoid that as much as possible. Sometimes, we think that those ideas on Pinterest would be great but in reality, they may not be that easy to be executed. Your photographer can give you the necessary advice on whether that will good in pictures.


One important way to involve them in the preparation is to invite them to your wedding rehearsal. Not every wedding photographer actually consider this as important. But any professional would know that this will do well in giving them insight on how the party is going to look like. You know if you ask one of the most professional wedding photographers Portsmouth, jameswhitephotos.com.

Get them a list of meaningful shotlist

That’s right, meaningful. We’ve seen a lot of sites saying that you should go get a long list of shotlist that says the photographer has to take pictures of the flowers, table, dad, mom, sister, brother and everything. That’s just plain useless because your photographer understands that he has to take those pictures.

You should write up things that your photographer might not know without you telling him. These things can be that handcrafted decoration by your family or those handmade souvenirs. It will help your photographer to take extra pictures of those things.

Discuss things

Be open to discussion with your photographer. It could be because you didn’t explain enough or that he didn’t listen properly to you. Either way, it’s a good thing if you let a line of communication open between you and your vendors, including your wedding photographer. Clarify things that both of you are not sure of.

Letting things to be discussed properly also means that you are letting your photographer give you advice. There’s no telling when the long-time experience of your wedding photographer can do a lot of good to your wedding party.

This also means that you keep your wedding photographers Portsmouth up to date on the changes that you are doing to your party. Aside from giving the necessary information of the party, you also need to update him on your wedding preparation as mentioned before.

You can also help remove the gap between your important friends and family members who will be involved a lot in the wedding and have lots of pictures taken. Doing this will lessen the chance of snapping awkward looking pictures and save some time in trying to get better pictures.

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