Great Ways To Prep A Baby For The Photo Shoot

Feed him.

newborn baby photographyA hungry baby will always turn out to be an irritable baby. You don’t have to be a newborn baby photography expert to know this or to figure this out early on. Make sure that the baby has everything that he could ever need. Bring enough milk along with you. if you are breastfeeding, then your presence alone should more than suffice. If your baby is formula fed though, then you need to make sure that you bring enough formula along with you during the newborn baby photography shoot in order for you to be able to feed the baby well enough before he throws a tantrum. Keeping the baby well fed all throughout the shoot will minimize the possibility of him crying and acting out and this will make your photographer’s job so much easier. This will be easy on you as a parent as well as you will most likely have to take care of your newborn baby during the time of the newborn baby photography shoot.

Don’t forget to make him burp.

Feeding the baby is one thing. Making sure that he burps after he is fed is another. There have been a lot of newborn baby photography mishaps that came about from the parents failing to make the baby burp first. Babies’ stomachs aren’t as strong as the stomachs of adults and this is why you need to go out of your way to aid the process a little at some point or so. Gently hold the baby up against your shoulder and gently slap or pat his back a little until he burps. Your photographer will be more than grateful to you for doing this because it means that you get to minimize the barfing mishaps that usually come along with babies who aren’t given enough time to burp before they are posed for the photo shoot. Keep that in mind and you should be at a pretty good place so far.

Keep him warm.

Babies are almost always photographed in the nude when they are being posed in a newborn baby photography shoot. Tone down on the air conditioning and perhaps adjust the room temperature a little so that the baby doesn’t feel chilly or uncomfortable or anything like that at the end of the day. Take the time to rub the baby up gently when you are in between shoots so that you can maintain his body temperature. Swaddling him with clothes or with a blanket or something similar to that can help out a lot as well.

Keep him entertained.

Babies have extremely short attention spans. They easily get amused but at the same time, they easily get bored and this is something that you would have to anticipate as a parent who is prepping for a newborn baby photography shoot at the end of the day. Bring some toys along. Play some gentle music in the background. There are a lot of things that you can do as a parent to help hold the baby’s attention enough for your photographer to get great looking shots during the photo shoot.

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