Wedding Photographer: Why You Should Get a Partner

wedding photographers DorsetWhen you start out, you might be working with someone else as wedding photographers Dorset. You were an assistant for a professional who provides a second shooter for his/her clients. However, have you ever thought of getting your own assistant by now?

There’s a lot of reasons to begin working as wedding photographers Dorset for your clients. There are lots of studios out there that offer only two shooters package. Working alone is probably what you’ve been doing, but if there’s a benefit to increasing your manpower, maybe you should start to consider the probability.

An extra help

Your second shooter can help you do things you used to have to do yourself. They could be carrying things, placing equipment around the room, lighting the space with a flashlight (because you cannot make it hover itself), so on and so forth. This is just a few minor benefits you get from having a second shooter.

Complete coverage

Working alone does not mean that you won’t be able to cover the whole party yourself. In fact, this is one of the reasons that you’ve never thought about getting a second shooter. Because if you can do it yourself, why ask for help?

Having a second shooter is not about getting help to shoot things. A second shooter gives you the ability to have an extra pair of eyes. You cannot be in two places at one time, but if there’s someone else who has the necessary photography skill to capture that first kiss from an opposite perspective to you, won’t it add spice to the beautiful album?

Remember that you don’t simply take pictures, but you have to be able to present them in a way that is special and touch the heart of the couples. A second shooter has the ability to add value to what you have to offer.

Effective time allocation

The dress-up moment is one of the most time-consuming parts due to the fact that photographer can only shoot one at a time. This means he has to shoot the groom first and then the bride or vice-versa. Having a second shooter will allow you to shoot the both of them at the same time, with you focusing more on the bride and your second shooter on the groom.

During the formal group pictures, lots of time will be spent on taking those images and trying to have everybody ready for the picture. While you do this, your second shooter can still roam around and take pictures of the party. No more ‘holes’ in your album.

Premium price

Offering a second shooter means you get to charge extra price while listing all the benefits from the above to your clients. It is also better if you can show several portfolios of when you take pictures with a second shooter.

Typically, with a second shooter, the number of pictures taken will also increase up to double the number of what you take. This gives clients more choices and pictures to keep. It’s a great way to tell your clients that you don’t want them to miss a thing from their wedding party.

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