How to Select the Perfect Lancashire Wedding Photography Venue

wedding photography LancashireThe act of selecting a wedding photographer is stressful between the scrutinization of the wedding photographer’s credentials to the validation of references and survey of the details within their portfolio, selecting the right venue becomes an afterthought. Yet, you cannot have the right wedding photographer without the perfect venue to complement the photographer’s skill. The careful consideration of the sustainability of a location is vital in ensuring that the wedding photos are as clear and beautiful as the actual memories held of the day.

Lighting arrangements

Making the lighting arrangements of the prospective venue serve as the main factor for your wedding photography Lancashire is a good way to ensure food photographs. The best indoor wedding venue is a room with lots of windows that allow in natural light. When strong natural light sources are absent, the strategic placement of candles can serve as backup and they not only provide reinforcements for the existent illumination but add beautiful accents.

The question most couples might ask is that if natural light is good, does that mean a lot is better? The answer is not straightforward on this question but what you need to know is that direct sunlight can often be a deterrent for wedding photography Lancashire as it can be harsh and difficult to manage. In addition to affect eye sight and making individuals squint subconsciously, direct sunlight also casts shadows over the eyes and noses of the subjects. It would be preferable to make use of a venue that has shading, in the case of an outdoor location, a canopy or shaded grove is ideal for the highest quality photographs.


If an outdoor wedding shoot is being planned, then it is important to take note of backdrops that best fit a particular taste or style you are fond of. Features like gardens, landscaped and parks provide beautiful and lush vegetation that serve as dignified backdrops and a source of shade. Some individuals might prefer the backdrop of their city’s unique and rugged architecture. Regardless of your taste, when selecting an outdoor Lancashire wedding location, it is important to have a backup in mind in case the weather is uncooperative.

Most wedding photographers prefer locations that have backdrops with neutral tones as it makes it easier to work with during post production. A high ceiling in the venue will allow the photographer to bounce the flash for the use of natural lighting. If possible, venues that have mixed sources of light and strong colour accents should be avoided as it makes it hard to accommodate a camera’s setting. The colours such as green and blue are strong and have a way of casting similar colored reflections to the faces of the subject of the photographs.


Another important planning tip is to hold a consultation with the venue managers regarding policies on flash photography. Some churches do not allow flash photography so it would be wise to ask about it to allow your photographer make alternative arrangements for it. Civil institutions on the other hand are lenient on this.

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