Money Saving Wedding Hacks 

Find a venue that lets you choose your own vendors.

wedding photographer cardiffAlthough it would be nice to consider the vendors that your wedding venue recommends probably because they have worked with them in the past or they have some sort of ex deal or something like that, you shouldn’t allow this to pressure you into anything you don’t want to do. If they recommend something for you or to you, then you should by all means go ahead and try to do that. However, if a wedding venue obliges you to really book a certain set of wedding vendors that you absolutely need to go ahead with, then this should be a red flag for you.

You should probably step back and think about it accordingly because booking someone that your wedding venue requires might come with a certain premium and this is the type of thing that you can really do without. For example, if the fees of the wedding photographer Cardiff that they recommend is right through the roof, you really don’t have to go through any of that. Change your wedding venue straight out if they try to pressure you into booking any wedding vendors in particular especially once you have seen through the price differences. Don’t generalize everything though. Take long enough to actually listen to what they have to say before you head out and do anything about it.

Rent a nice house for the wedding and accommodations.

Booking a hotel can end up costing you a whole lot of money. This is something that you can take under your control one way or the other by instead booking an entire house for a week or so instead of blocking off a whole set of rooms for just a few days or so. More than that, you also get to bundle everything up so that it covers for the wedding ceremony and reception venue as well. Things like this can really be a lifesaver especially when you are trying to work with a restrictive budget so keep this in mind as much as possible. You can even include your wedding vendors such as your wedding photographer Cardiff and the like especially if you are planning to whisk them off into a fairly remote location. Saving a huge amount of money on the venues and accommodations alone could give you so much freedom and so many more options for your honeymoon and the days, weeks, and months after your wedding day. It doesn’t end there so try to remember that.

Hold your ceremony and reception in one venue.

Not only will this be extremely convenient for your wedding photographer Cardiff and your guests because they don’t have to move around from point A to point B just to get from the ceremony to the reception, you also get to save money because you are covering for one cost instead of 2 with more or less the same functions. This is what you call an all-inclusive wedding venue.

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