What To Figure Out In A Gay Wedding

Seating assignments can be tricky.

In a traditional wedding, the common way to go about with things is to pick a side for the groom’s family and to allot the other side for the bride’s family and then the same thing goes for the friends of each side as well. As you may probably know, things aren’t all that simple for when you are trying to get a gay wedding together. There will be times wherein family ties can be a little tricky. Picking out a side for the family or either the groom or of the bride can make the contrasts far more stark than you are probably willing to let off or show during the wedding ceremony. You need to take this into account as much as possible when you are working on the seating assignments during the wedding reception party or even during the wedding ceremony.

More often than not, it would be smart and safe to sort of mix the crowd in and to not make them feel segregated based on who they know in the wedding. It doesn’t have to be like that at all. Weddings are all about coming together and all about bring two families as one. You will have a far better job with the seating arrangements and with the wedding if you try to remember that all the time as much as you possibly can. Get a little bit of help from the people close to you and from the people who know your family or who are perhaps even a part of your family. This way, you get to have fresh eyes and perspective on the seating arrangements.

Getting down the aisle can be tricky as well.

There really isn’t any problem to determining who walks down the aisle and who waits on the end when it comes to heterosexual weddings. This can be a little tough though when a gay wedding is involved. If that is the case and if this is the type of thing that you are feeling somewhat conflicted about at any point in time, what you need to try to do as much as possible is to talk things out. There might be a more masculine role in the relationship and there may be one who takes on the feminine role. You might want to talk this out so that you will be able to determine who will be waiting on the other end of the aisle during the ceremony. Gay couples are different. They don’t normally or necessarily fit into the proverbial cookie cutter mold. You can opt to walk together down the aisle or not walk at all. It really is your choice and you can choose to do whatever you would like to do when it all comes down to it. Talk to your gay wedding photographer about it as you might be able to get a few ideas from him if you are conflicted about what you need to do.

Who will participate in the ceremony?

Make sure that you hash out the details early on and that you get to include your professional gay wedding photographer in the plans that you are laying out somewhere in the process.

Are all wedding vendors gay or same sex friendly? The answer to this is no. this is not something that you should be upset about. You aren’t going to need all of them anyway. You just need a select few who understand you and who accept you and what you are trying to accomplish for the wedding day.

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