Documentary Wedding Photography: ABCs For Photographers

A client who is thinking about doing wedding photography should always consider what style would best suit the wedding.

documentary wedding photographyIf the client wants something dramatic and bold, the recommended wedding photography style would be fine-art wedding photography. However, if the preference is creating a wedding photography that showcases the emotional events that happen during the wedding and the whole wedding story in general, the client should think about having a documentary wedding photography style for the wedding. However, the secret to getting great documentary wedding style photos is to hire a good wedding photographer who knows the ins and outs of this wedding photography style. Basically, hire or be a wedding photographer who knows how to tell a wedding story. Here are the ABCs for wedding photographers who do documentary wedding photography.

Since documentary wedding photography focuses on being to tell the whole story of a wedding, your wedding photographer must be attentive enough to catch the small moments which contribute to the wedding story. A lot of things happen during a wedding and a wedding photographer must be attentive to know what these happenings are in order to be prepared to snap pictures of memorable instances. A father of the bride wiping away a tear, the groom and his mother in an intimate embrace, the groomsmen doing a bro-fist; are just some examples of sentimental moments which can contribute to the overall concept of documentary wedding photography. If the wedding photographer was unfocused and distracted, these moments will be lost forever. It would be best if you hire a wedding photographer who is alert and is always prepared to take a shot.

The next letter is the letter B which is for the word behaved.

Yes, a wedding photographer doing documentary wedding photography should be well-behaved and not bossy. Documentary wedding photography wishes not to create a story of love but document it. As a wedding photographer, it is important that you let the whole scene play out and avoid directing the subjects of you photography. This way you allow freedom and your subjects to be as human as possible. Documentary wedding photography thrives on capturing people reacting to the wedding naturally. This type of wedding photography isn’t staged and showcases raw human emotions on film. By behaving and snapping pictures inconspicuously, wedding photographers encourage this and get unhampered wedding photos which are filled with unfiltered human emotions which tug at the heartstrings of the viewers.

The last letter is c which is Calm.

Remember that you are a wedding photographer and not a headless chicken. Don’t go running around the place like you are being chased by a cheetah. Also don’t panic. A calm mind is needed when doing documentary wedding photography because while you are snapping pictures you need to think about concept building. Which shots will best contribute to the wedding story I am covering? Should be the question you keep asking yourself when doing the photography. If you were to panic and not keep your cool, you’ll end up shooting irrelevant photos which would be later discarded during post production. Plus, the anxiety build up will also affect your performance and the quality of the images you are shooting. Consider these ABCs and you’ll triumph in documentary wedding photography. Browse through photos of documentary wedding photography (

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